Textbook of Community Ophthalmology (EPUB)


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This book presents a comprehensive treatise on community ophthalmology principles and practices for countries with developing and emerging economies. It is replete with chapters on basic epidemiology, health economics, basic statistics and lays the foundation of the global eye health-care programs with skills for community-based epidemiological projects in eye care. With extensive experience in conducting various epidemiological surveys funded by the Ministry of Health, WHO, Indian Council of Medical Research, etc., the editors provide practical knowledge to ophthalmologists, public health specialists, physician-scientists, researchers, eye care program managers, optometrists, and academicians involved in community ophthalmology operational studies.

Key Features:

  • Presents a single platform for knowing everything about community ophthalmology from statistics and epidemiology to financing in an easy and succinct manner
  • Serves as a robust resource and an advanced teaching tool for medical professionals
  • Includes well-illustrated, succinct chapters for better understanding of various aspects of public health in eye care
  • Provides tips and tricks for dealing with both expected and unexpected situations while conducting epidemiological research and data collection in the field.

Product Details

  • Publisher: CRC Press; October 12, 2023
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781032271583
  • ISBN: 9781000955699


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