QMP Wall Breast and Body Contouring Video Library, Volumes 1, 2,3 (CME VIDEOS)


26 MP4 files(VOB Format) , 20.68 GB

By Simeon Wall, Jr., MD

Volume 1, Dr. Wall provides surgeons with the expert guidance for performing breast augmentation and full abdominoplasty. Each operative video is filled with step-by-step technique, tips and tricks, and sound advice to guide the surgeon through the techniques’ key maneuvers. These videos provide a blueprint for achieving positive, repeatable outcomes.

Volume 2, Dr. Wall demonstrates the principles of his SAFELipo body-contouring approach in combination with breast surgical techniques, including mastopexy, augmentation, reduction, and fat grafting. Dr. Wall discusses his rationale for the surgical plans, as well as anatomical considerations and tips for each approach. Each phase of the techniques is covered, from preoperative presentation to final closure.

Volume 3, Dr. Wall, Jr. combines three body contouring procedures to the circumferential trunk and buttock. He demonstrates his SAFELipo procedure including SST Technique (simultaneous separation and tumescence), fat grafting to the mid-buttock, and abdominoplasty with meticulous creation of new umbilicus.  Each procedure is carefully documented step by step, from preoperative patient evaluation and OR preparation, to markings, incision, dissection, closure, and postoperative dressing.

Available in HD Streaming or on 6 DVDs. 11 hours of operative video


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