QMP Multicultural Rhinoplasty Techniques and Principles (CME VIDEOS)


9 Videos , 11.12 GB

by Ashkan Ghavami, MD

Join Dr. Ashkan Ghavami in the operating room as he performs a variety of primary and secondary rhinoplasty cases on patients of various ethnicities. Each case is fully narrated by Dr. Ghavami and includes multiple preoperative views with a thorough discussion of patient concerns, precise preoperative evaluation, and planned surgical techniques for correction. Each case contains detailed surgical steps, from the initial infiltration of local anesthesia and vasoconstrictors and incision/exposure, to meticulous yet efficient dissection technique, graft procuring and carving, graft placement, unique osteotomies, closure, and postoperative dressing.

Dr. Ghavami pauses during each surgery to assess what’s been done to correct the patient’s problem, and to review what dynamic maneuvers are indicated in the case. Valuable tips are provided for avoiding complications and maximizing success, including tips from master rhinoplasty surgeons, as well as Dr. Ghavami’s own preferences for techniques and instruments to improve results. Especially critical to this collection is the discussion of features unique to each patient’s ethnicity and the importance of preserving those features while improving contours, proportions, and, in some cases, breathing function. The viewer will become better adept in evaluating the full spectrum of multicultural nasal types, as well as planning and executing all and any advanced technical maneuvers.

9 Cases Including 14 Hours of Operative Video!

  • Case 1 – Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty: Modern Technical Nuances
  • Case 2 – Tertiary Hispanic Rhinoplasty: Thin skin, twisted nose, alar notching/retraction, short nose, supratip convexity (pollybeak), tip/paradomal irregularities
  • Case 3 – Primary Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty: Long deviated nose, tip ptosis, dorsal hump, wide nasal tip, alar flaring
  • Case 4 – Primary Hispanic Rhinoplasty: Thin skin, deviated nose, dorsal hump, broad/underprojected tip, asymmetric alar base
  • Case 5 – Primary South Asian Rhinoplasty: Thin skin, twisted nose, bulbous/asymmetric tip, bifid tip, dorsal hump, dependent tip
  • Case 6 – Primary African American Rhinoplasty: Flat/wide dorsum, asymmetric boxy tip, tip underprojection, columellar retraction, wide alar base With Adjunct Procedure: Fat transfer to lower eyelids and malar region
  • Case 7 – African American Rhinoplasty: Thin Skin Envelope
  • Case 8 – African American Rhinoplasty: Broad Moderate Thin Skin, Cadaveric Rib Graft
  • Case 9 – Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty: Deviated Nose, Thin Skin

Available in HD Streaming format.  9 cases with 14 hours of operative video. 2023.


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