Practical Aspects of ECG Recording



by Jacqui Crawford, Linda Doherty
Practical Aspects of ECG Recording is for everyone who records or teaches ECGs. Most electrocardiography courses and textbooks skim over recording and place their main emphasis on interpretation. The purpose of this book is to shift the focus firmly back onto good recording technique as the fundamental starting point for developing ECG competency. Although the chapters are self-contained, pedagogical aids provide an opportunity to deepen learning through the integration of accumulated skills and knowledge. Each chapter contains review and comprehension questions, and key points which test the reader’s understanding, skills and knowledge on newly acquired topic areas. Active learning is encouraged through the use of ‘what if’ prediction style questions and clinical scenarios which allow the reader to apply critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills. Each chapter ends with a summary of the key points. This provides a brief outline of the main concepts and facts discussed providing a revision snapshot of the topic area. CONTENTS:An introduction to electrocardiographyElectrocardiographic anatomyPositioning the patient and locating electrode positionsSkin preparationECG electrodesUnderstanding the lead system and colour codes used for ECG recordingUnderstanding ECG equipment, specification standards and setting choices for recording ECGsRecording and checking the ECGRecognising and reducing artifact in the ECG recordingThe computer generated reportArchiving recordsIntroduction to quality control in ECG recordingInfection control in ECG recordingTraining and continual professional development

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  • ISBN-13: 9781907830303
  • Publisher: M&K Update Ltd
  • Publication date: 7/18/2012


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