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“This book is a great asset to all men who need to make their own health a priority.” –Joe Gibbs, NFL Hall of Fame coach and owner of 4x NASCAR champion Joe Gibbs Racing Everything you need to know about men’s health in one handy package—updated, revised, and expanded. The authors’ first edition (2018) concentrated on the male pelvis and health concerns “down there.” Urologists Neil Baum and Scott Miller described the male pelvic region and its complex functions before moving on to a comprehensive list of related medical concerns, including pelvic pain, prostate problems, urinary leakage, urinary tract infections, testosterone deficiency, STDs, prostate cancer, and questions about infertility and sexual dysfunction. Both authors approached these very personal and sensitive topics with straightforward, reader-friendly language, using case examples, illustrations, research, and occasional humor to explain the potential causes and cures for each medical challenge. Five years later, the authorship has been doubled to include one more urologist, David Mobley, and a Doctor of Pharmacy, Mindi Miller. With this expanded team of experts, the goal is to provide men with health information—not only from prostate to penis—but from head to toe. Nine totally new chapters address a wide range of topics that altogether equip the reader with key information to assess and improve his mental, physical, and emotional health. The authors even provide step-by-step processes to use when selecting a doctor or surgeon, and what signs might indicate that a doctor’s visit is a must.  Men’s Complete Health Guide means that men no longer need to suffer in silence or dwell in denial. This valuable resource enables every man to become his own health advocate, more likely to discuss body concerns with family or friends, and more open to seeking a doctor’s advice for remedy.

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  • Publisher: Skyhorse; September 26, 2023
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781510779822


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