Medical Statistics III – Common Statistical Tests in Medical Research – Stanford Online (CME VIDEOS)


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Visualizing the data that you’ve identified, defined, and interpreted furthers your research understanding. By building upon your knowledge from Medical Statistics I and II, you will explore the different types of statistical tests and plots that are used to answer research questions.

From visualizing the frequency of COVID-19 in different age groups to tracking childhood obesity incidence from various ethnic groups, statistical graphing can allow for your data to be better understood by broader audiences. This course will give you the tools you need to analyze real data, interpret analysis results, and critically evaluate statistics in medical studies.

  • Graph and analyze real data using either R or SAS
  • Interpret outputs from statistical tests including those for comparing groups, correlated observations, and non-parametric tests
  • Understand the relationship between variables and make predictions using methods of regression analysis, interaction, confounding, and model building.
  • Critically evaluate data analysis results using data visualization


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