Introduction To Nursing Research: Developing Research Awareness


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by Andree le May, Susan Holmes

In an engaging and accessible introduction for student nurses, Introduction to Nursing Research: Developing Research Awareness explains the hows and whys of nursing research, stressing its influence on policy and improving patient care. The book delivers a comprehensive guide to the research process and addresses questions such as: What is research? What is its importance to nursing, nurses, patients, and policy makers? Why is it such an exciting discipline?


  • Emphasizes the practical use of nursing research and its role in developing
    clinical practice
  • Includes case studies drawn from the authors’ extensive experience in the field
    that illustrate how research is executed and implemented
  • Features summary boxes, examples, and reader-focused activities to help develop
    awareness and understanding

This book is relevant to all fields of nursing and all aspects of research. It is an essential resource for both the nursing undergraduate as well as nurses who are new to research.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781444119909
  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Publication date: 5/25/2012
  • Pages: 168


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