Intensive and Critical Care Medicine Book (Feb 2023) (Original PDF from Publisher)


Published PDF , 1.1 GB

by Dr. med. Volker Herold

The book is designed to make you fit for the management of critically ill patients (among other things of  COVID-19 patients) in the intensive care unit. It contains all topics of critical care medicine.

Intensive and Critical Care Medicine Book

  • practical presentation for the clinician (“from practitio­ner for practitioner”)
  • textbook and reference book
  • no multi-author book (“made from one piece”)
  • ideal for the preparation for the exam in Intensive Care Medicine
  • everything compact and clear for daily work in the in­tensive care unit
  • didactically clearly structured
  • The book conveys the latest and current status in Intensive and Critical Care Medicine.
  • Numerous illustrations, schemes and memos are intended to make reading and learning easier.
  • Among all ICU books bestseller Lehmanns Media in Germany since 2017
  • Available as e-Book or hardcover book


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