Hippo Primary Care Bootcamp – Peds 2023 (CME VIDEOS)


150 Videos , 197.47 GB

Fill the gap between training and clinical practice.

Whether you’re just starting out, transitioning from another specialty, or are a seasoned clinician, this course condenses years of training and clinical experience into short, easy-to-digest videos.

Go beyond the textbook.

Medicine is not always as clear or as “black and white” as a textbook, especially when caring for children. Dive into the gray areas, like how to practically apply practice guidelines and effectively communicate with patients and their caregivers.

Confidently practice the wide spectrum of pediatric primary care.

Pediatric primary care is more than well-child checks and ear infections, and kids aren’t just little adults. Go beyond diagnosis and management. Dive into the nuances of everyday pediatric clinical practice, tackling topics such as medicolegal considerations when taking parent calls and best practices for following up on a referral.

Learn more in less time.

Our easy-to-use interface allows you access on a mobile device or computer. Watch on your lunch break, between patients, or listen on your commute.

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