Clinical Challenges and Complications of IBD (ORIGINAL PDF from Publisher)


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by Miguel D., Ed. Regueiro Ed., Jason Swoger
Drs. Miguel D. Regueiro and Jason Swoger have created a unique, user-friendly book that describes how to prevent, recognize, and manage complications encountered in the care of patients with IBD. Clinical Challenges and Complications of IBD aims to provide practical and clinically oriented information to assist physicians with commonly encountered complications of the natural history of IBD, extraintestinal manifestations of IBD, general health and metabolic complications of IBD, and complications arising from both the medical and surgical treatments of IBD. Formatted to allow for quick access of the information, Clinical Challenges and Complications of IBD is organized into sections that allow physicians to both identify potential pitfalls in treatment, as well as focus on health maintenance and specific challenges, including pregnancy, nutrition, and psychological issues. Clinical pearls will be emphasized and each chapter will provide a bulleted summary, along with suggestions for future reading.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781556429804
  • Publisher: SLACK, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 10/1/2012
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 400


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