Case Management and Care Coordination: Supporting Children and Families to Optimal Outcomes (PDF)



Janet Treadwell, Rebecca Perez, Debbie Stubbs, Jeanne W. McAllisterJanet Treadwell, Rebecca Perez, Debbie Stubbs, Jeanne W. McAllister

New collaborative models of health care service delivery are contributing to quality and cost improvements, especially in treating children and families. At the same time, deficits in communication between systems sharing patients can not only lead to confusion and waste, but also to increased risk of harm.

Case Management and Care Coordination offers an evidence-based framework, best practices, and clinical common sense to meet this ongoing challenge. Focusing on families of children with chronic health issues, it outlines the processes of case management and care coordination, clarifies the roles and responsibilities of team members, and models streamlined, patient-centered service delivery. This analysis cuts through much of the complexity of case management while emphasizing collaboration, flexibility, and advocacy in pursuing best outcomes for patients. And as an extra dimension of usefulness, the book is accessible to lay readers, empowering families to make informed decisions and have a more active role in their own care. Included in the coverage:

  • Essential skills for integrated case management.
  • Children and youth with special health care needs.
  • Transitional care and case management settings for children and families.
  • Case management and home visitation programs.
  • Managed care and care coordination.
  • Technology and care coordination.

Effectively illustrating the possibilities and potential of health care reform, Case Management and Care Coordination is an essential resource for pediatricians and health care professionals, as well as for families of children with special health care needs.

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