Alcohol and the Nervous System: Handbook of Clinical Neurology (ORIGINAL PDF from Publisher)


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by Edith V. Sullivan (Editor)

Alcohol is the most widely used drug in the world and alcoholism remains a serious addiction impacting over 20 million Americans. Once widely considered a depressant, recent research strongly suggests that alcohol impacts the central nervous system in a variety of ways, both as a stimulant and a depressant. Our current understanding of alcohol’s impact on the brain and the related damage of alcoholism is being revolutionized by genetic research and brain imaging technology. This volume in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology is the only comprehensive introduction to alcohol and the brain covering our basic understanding of alcohol on the central nervous system and the diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism. This volume will be of interest to clinical neurologists, and researchers in basic neuroscience and behavioral neuroscience focusing on alcohol and the central nervous system.

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