Advanced Practice Nursing Contexts Of Care


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by Lynette Hamlin
Advanced Practice Nursing: Contexts of Care is a robust collection of practice focused case studies which address current issues in the evolving nursing profession, targeting concerns of the advanced practice nurse. Throughout the text actual cases are used for the illustration and analysis of practice contexts, which include organizational structure, managed care, inter- and intra-professional issues, politics, power, finance, planning, regulation, ethics, law, quality, and patient safety. Discussion around opportunities for nursing to extend practice into new forms and environments is also covered.

Advanced Practice Nursing: Contexts of Care is a very valuable tool for case-based teaching format around policy issues that directly impact practice and Master’s-prepared nurses. Each case is interspersed with discussion questions which guide case discussions in both specific and global issues within the case. In addition, each case has a list of references that can be used to guide the cases. Unlike other health policy texts, this text focuses on cases that bring application to those health policy issues. This text is also a solid resource for practitioners interested in keeping current on issues that guide clinical practice.

Key Objectives:
Appreciate the regulatory and legal environment that surrounds practice
Analyze the influences of the working and regulatory contexts upon nursing practice
Integrate an understanding of history and development of trends and issues into contemporary practice
Provide a differential diagnosis among political, policy, regulatory, legal, and professional causes of contextual problems
Propose solutions to contextual problems
Value experience as data

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  • Publication date: 8/29/2014
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