Advanced Cardiac Sonographer Registry Review Guide (3rd Edition) (CME VIDEOS)


55 MP4 + 53 PDF + 38 Quiz files , 36.22 GB

Designed by accomplished expert sonographers and ACS imaging specialists, this comprehensive review of basic and advanced echocardiography has been created as a review guide and teaching tool for sonographers preparing to sit for the Advanced Cardiac Sonographer Registry Exam.

This video set includes 55 modules on IAC standards and guidelines for adult echocardiography accreditation, providing the perfect resource to help you prepare your exam.

Topics range from quality assurance to an in-depth review of cardiogenic shock and emergency echo, stress echo, congenital disease, chemotherapy echocardiography, left and right heart function, prosthetic valves, research methods and biostatistics, and interventional echocardiography including the latest technological advances.

Each lecture has been carefully designed to include a thorough review and clinical application through real video case study presentations.

Course/Activity Information

Advanced Cardiac Sonographer Registry Review Guide [3rd Edition]:

The ACS Registry Review Guide contains an extensive array of content:

  • 55 learning modules,
  • Over 24 hours of video lecture content,
  • Over 550 interactive quiz assessments,
  • PDF handouts for each presentation.

Module Topics:

  • Module 1: Assimilating History, Clinical & Echocardiographic Findings Course Preview
  • Module 2: Assessing Cardiovascular Heart Disease Course Preview
  • Module 3: Assessing Valvular Heart Disease Course Preview
  • Module 4: Evaluating Structural Heart & Interventional Procedures Course Preview
  • Module 5: Utilizing Advanced and Multi-Modality Imaging Course Preview
  • Module 6: Assessing Congenital Heart Disease Course Preview
  • Module 7: Demonstrating Professional Practice Course Preview


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